Do you have visitors to your website, YouTube Channel, Facebook page, or just a ton of Twitter followers, who are interested in combat  sports betting? If so, then you can start earning money today!

Want to increase cash flow to your site by cashing in on the ever-growing combat sports betting industry?

If you have a sports or gaming related site, you may be interested in signing up with our combat sports predictions affiliate program! This affiliate program has been designed to deliver earnings to all of our partners. We’ll give you the tools and our proven to help you monetize your site better than ever before.

Bet on Combat is committed to working closely with every new affiliate to ensure that our partnership is a successful one for both of us. Not only do we have the best and most diverse contests in the industry, but we also offer the industry’s best customer service for our partners. In addition, we provide a dynamic user interface that allows you to easily access any information about your referrals and commissions that you might need.

The Affiliate Program offers a rare opportunity to monetizing your Internet traffic - no matter if that traffic comes from a website, email list, Blog, or social network.



Our Program

Every new affiliate will get a 30% commission for the first 30 days of every new referral, followed by a 25% commission after the 30th day of each new referral, based on the amount of Net Revenue each referral generates. With our great promotions and huge cash prizes, all you need are a few active referrals and you could be earning commissions at industry-leading levels. Please review the Bet on Combat Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions to learn about eligibility and requirements.


Bet on Combat representatives are readily available and easy to contact by email at We are committed to our level of service, so we will make sure your concerns are addressed as quickly and accurately as possible. We guarantee a response to your inquiry within a timely fashion.

Have additional questions? Refer to our Affiliate FAQs, which we will continuously update to make sure we are addressing whatever concerns you might have.

Affiliate Program FAQ

How does it work?

When you refer someone to, the premier combat sports advisory betting firm today, that player will be linked to your account for the entire lifetime of that member. You will earn 30% of our earnings from that member for as long as he/she stay a member. 

After registration you as a member of affiliate program get the access to code snippet area. Then you copy and paste that code snippet to your website and that's it! No technical knowledge needed!

Once a visitors clicked on the link (text ad or banner) on your website they are tracked by our tracking system and you get paid for every sale or click made by visitors came from your website.

Login anytime from anywhere! Get real-time statistics of traffic and commissions!

How do I post Bet on Combat Ad materials? 

All you have to do is log into, and you will be able to access tools such as unique affiliate links and creative materials (banners, graphics, etc.).

Are there any restrictions to how I can promote? 

While you are encouraged to employ the link and creative materials provided, you cannot use promo codes, promote a deposit bonus, or incentivize referrals without express written consent from Bet on Combat. Please review our terms and conditions ( to ensure your promotional activity fully complies with our requirements.

If you are interested in becoming a Bet on Combat Affiliate, you must agree to the following Bet on Combat Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.

My login is not working. What do I do? 

First, make sure you are logging into, and not just the main log in page for our players. Be sure to enter the username/password you created when filling out the affiliate application form.

Lastly, of course, you can always email Affiliate Support at if you’re having persistent problems and we can work together to get your issue resolved.

How do you determine net revenue?  

Net Revenue is defined as revenue generated through the affiliate program less an administrative fee to cover promotional or retention bonuses, "charge-backs", any fraudulent activity and a proportion of deposit and withdrawal transaction fees. You earn revenue share on revenue generated by your referrals, after those costs and fees are discounted. 

Can I refer myself and earn commission on my play at Bet on Combat? 

No! You cannot register for Bet on Combat through your own affiliate links and/or artificially increase your commission earned via the use of your relatives, friends, company, etc. to meet your minimum acquisition requirements or in any other way attempt to defraud us. 

Are there any limits to how much I can earn?  

There is not an overall limit to potential earnings. If these thresholds are not met, Bet on Combat reserves the right to terminate the affiliate relationship. 

Will I ever need to pay money because I signed up to be an affiliate?

No. Joining the program costs you nothing at all!

What if I want to promote Bet on Combat but can't meet the requirements? 

Please review and sign up for our Refer a Friend program (, which may be more suitable for you if you cannot meet the requirements of the affiliate program.

How much money can I make?  

The amount you can earn depends entirely on the number of referrals you send our way. Please note that commission earned can vary widely from one affiliate to another, depending on net revenue generated by your referrals.  Simply put, the more you promote our site and send referrals our way, the more you can earn! 

How do you determine how much I have earned? 

Every time you send a referral to our site by having them click the unique affiliate link provided to you by Bet on Combat, and they play a deposit game, you earn a share of the cost of their entry.  You can earn twenty-five percent (25%) on every referral simply by getting us two (2) new referrals per thirty (30) days.  If this target is not met, the revenue share percentage reduces to fifteen percent (15%).

How will I get paid?

When you sign up, you’ll have the option of receiving your earnings by check or you can choose to have payments made electronically. Payments are sent no sooner than thirty (30) days but no later than sixty (60) days from the last day of the month in which commissions were earned.

Join the most lucrative Combat sports Affiliate Program on the Web. Drive your traffic to Bet on Combat website and get paid for it!


Already an Affiliate? LOGIN


These Bet on Combat Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”) contains the complete terms and conditions between you and Bet on Combat, Inc. (from here on "Bet on Combat", "we", "our" or "us"). Before agreeing to participate in the Bet on Combat Affiliate Program (the "Program"), this Agreement should be read carefully by the individual or other legal entity that may execute it (from here on "you", "your" or the "Affiliate"). It sets out the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between Bet on Combat and you which permits you to become a Bet on Combat Affiliate and to market and promote the Program.

By clicking the "I Agree" button below you execute and consent to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, as may be updated or modified from time to time, in accordance with the provisions below and the Agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and Bet on Combat.


“Affiliate Link(s)” shall mean the unique tracking hyperlink (URL) to Bet on Combat provided by us to the Affiliate for the purposes of tracking the number of New Money Player and calculating the amount of Commission due to the Affiliate.

“Player(s)” shall means any person using any products or services on our Sites whether attached to your Tracker or not.

“New Money Player” shall mean an Internet user without a prior user account on who (i) accesses directly through an Affiliate Link; (ii) opens a new User Account; and (iii) enters, by way of cash deposit into their User Account, contests operated by

“Net Revenue” is defined as revenue generated through the Program less an administrative fee to cover promotional or retention bonuses, "charge-backs", any fraudulent activity and a proportion of deposit and withdrawal transaction fees. Affiliates may not earn commissions on revenue derived through their own play.

“First 30 Days Percentage” – applies to New Money Players that are associated to your Affiliate Links. This represents the commission rate to be applied to the daily Net Revenue starting from the date the New Money Player made his or her first cash deposit up to his or her thirty (30) day anniversary date with

“31+ Days Percentage” shall mean the commission rate to be applied to the daily Net Revenue starting from the Player’s 31st day anniversary date.

“Marketing Materials“ shall mean the content we provide to you in order to market the Program.

“Program” shall mean all agreements, materials, and services relating to’ affiliate program located at (subject to change from time to time).

“Program Site” shall mean the site located at

Application to join the program 

In order to become an affiliate of Bet on Combat you must submit a completed application form.

We will review your application and we may then, in our sole discretion, notify you that we accept or reject your application to participate in the Program or require further information from you.

We may reject your application in our sole discretion and for any reason, including, without limitation, if we determine that any of the content included on a Website is unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable including, without limitation, content that is aimed at minors; displays sexual, pornographic or obscene acts; contains graphic violence; contains discriminatory content (whether based on race, sex, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexual preference, physical disability, gender or otherwise) or violates the intellectual property rights of Bet on Combat or of any other third party.


Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Bet on Combat grants to the Affiliate, for the term of this Agreement, the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to market and promote Bet on Combat solely by means of the placing of the Affiliate Link(s) on the Affiliate Website(s) as approved by Bet on Combat in each instance.

By agreeing to participate in the Program, you are agreeing to create and maintain unique links from your site that you operate (the “Affiliate Website”) to us. You may link to us with any of, but only with, the Marketing Materials which we have supplied to you. You shall not modify the Marketing Materials or our marks or any other of our intellectual property in any way without our prior written consent. You may also appropriately use other marketing techniques/channels such as social media, email and paid search marketing, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You shall not use the Marketing Materials or our marks on any website that has not been previously agreed to and approved by us. Any form of spamming is strictly prohibited and will be considered as a breach of this Agreement allowing us the option exercisable at our discretion to terminate immediately and without further notice to you or otherwise to exclude any traffic generated in this manner from commission fees payable to you.

Marketing Activities and Responsibilities. You shall market to and refer potential New Money Players to us. You will be solely liable for the content and manner of such marketing activities. All such marketing activities must be professional, proper and lawful under applicable rules, regulations or laws (including any laws in relation to the content and nature of any advertising or marketing) and otherwise comply with the terms of this Agreement. You shall not yourself, nor shall you authorize, assist or encourage any third party to:

Offer directly or indirectly to any player, person or entity any consideration, reward, rebates, incentives, discounts or any other benefit for using our Affiliate Links on the Affiliate Website to access with the intent of returning a proportion of the players contest fees paid. Offering such reward schemes are strictly prohibited and will be considered as a breach of this Agreement.

Read, intercept, modify, record, redirect, interpret, or fill in the contents of any electronic form or other materials submitted to us by any other person;

In any way alter, modify, redirect, interfere, suppress, or substitute the operation of any button, link, or other interactive feature of

Take any action that could reasonably cause any end-user confusion as to our relationship with you or any third party, or as to the ownership or operation of the site;

Register as a Player or make deposits to any Player Account (directly or indirectly) through your Affiliate Links for your own personal use and/or the use of your relatives, friends, employees, agents or advisors, or otherwise attempt to artificially increase the commission fees payable to you, to meet your minimum acquisition requirements or in any other way attempt to defraud us.

Promote Bet on Combat and/or our Contests as or to illegal gambling, adult content, or as a warez/hacker site, or promote, advertise Bet on Combat and/or our Contests on any illegal gambling, adult content or warez/hacker sites, or otherwise link to any illegal gambling, adult or warez/hacker sites. Such adult content sites contain content that includes, without limitation, nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit or adult-related materials;

Implement any technique or technology that posts or serves any advertisements or promotional content around or in conjunction with the display of our websites (e.g., "framing" or pop-up windows),

Use any form of unsolicited commercial e-mail (SPAM);

Violate of the terms of service of, or Abusing, social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, MySpace, or any and all others in connection with your marketing activities (for purposes hereof, "Abuse" shall mean spamming, sending any unsolicited mass mailing or instant messaging, using social media websites for commercial purposes)

Seek to purchase or register (or purchase or register) any keywords, search terms or other identifiers that include the word "Bet on Combat" or variations thereof for use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service; Promote Bet on Combat and/or our Contests in a profane, obscene or unlawful manner. In addition, you shall not promote Bet on Combat and/or our Contests in any manner that could be reasonably construed as damaging to Bet on Combat;

Promote any deposit bonus or incentivize referrals without explicit written permission from Bet on Combat; or

Direct individuals to competitor sites using the Licensed Materials (defined below) or the Affiliate Link(s).

If we determine, in our sole discretion, that you have engaged in any of the foregoing activities, we may (without limiting any other rights or remedies available to us) withhold any commission fees otherwise payable to you under this Agreement and/or terminate this Agreement.


Commission fees payable to you will be calculated on a calendar month basis in accordance with the following commission structure or as agreed in writing:

Commission structure for Calendar Year 2016

Subject to the minimum referral requirement, commission fees payable to you will be calculated on a calendar month basis in accordance with the following commission structure:

FIRST 30 DAYS % 31+ DAYS %**
40% 25%


Further, the commission is subject to a maximum of $1,000 per New Money Player per calendar month.

** Subject to the minimum referral requirement set forth below

Calculation: Subject to the Affiliate's compliance with the terms of this Agreement, DraftKings will pay the Affiliate a commission based upon a calendar month basis. In order to calculate the Commission, Bet on Combat shall refer to the Affiliate Link used by the Affiliate. The Affiliate hereby agrees that Bet on Combat measurements and calculations in relation to the Commission shall be final and not subject to review or appeal.

You will only be entitled to commission on a New Money Player for a period of two (2) years from the date of the New Money Players first deposit on

Method of Payment: All payments to you will be due and payable in United States Dollars no sooner than thirty (30) days but no later than sixty (60) days from the last day of the month in which commissions were earned.

You will have the option of receiving your commission payments by check or made electronically by one of our third-party payment providers. Commission balances that are below $75.00 threshold will not be processed for payment and be held and added to subsequent monthly commission earnings until such threshold is met.

Minimum referral requirement: Affiliate must acquire a minimum of two (2) New Money Players within any thirty (30) day period in order to qualify for commission (the “Threshold”). Failure to meet the Threshold will result in a reduction of the commission rate on Net Revenue from active players greater than thirty (30) days to a rate of fifteen-percent (15%) in any period in which the Threshold is not met. 

Further, if the Affiliate fails to acquire a minimum of fifty (50) New Money Players in a sixth (6) month period, Bet on Combat reserves the right to immediately terminate this Agreement without notice.

Inactive Players: Players that have not entered into any contests for more than 9 months will be deemed inactive and will no longer be counted towards the affiliate’s revenue.

Player Tracking: You understand and agree that potential New Money Players must link through using your Affiliate Links in order for you to receive Fees. In no event are we liable for your failure to use or erroneously use Affiliate Links. Notwithstanding any other provision contained herein, we may at any time, and in our sole discretion, alter our tracking system and reporting format.

Player Information and Data: We reserve the right to refuse service to any potential Player and to close the Player Account of any Player, at any time, in our sole discretion. All data relating to the Players shall, as between you and us, remain our exclusive property and you acquire no right to such information except pursuant to our express written instructions.

Payment Hold for fraud or violations of terms: In the event that, in our sole discretion, we suspect any fraud or violations of terms herein, we may delay payment of the Fees to you for up to one hundred and eighty (180) days while we investigate and verify the relevant players and transactions. We are not obligated to pay Fees in respect of New Money Players who, in our sole discretion, are not verifiably who they claim to be or are otherwise involved with any fraud or violation of terms. In the event that we determine any activity to constitute as fraudulent or to otherwise be in contravention of this Agreement, then in our sole discretion we may: (i) pay the Fees in full, (ii) recalculate them in light of such suspected fraud or violation and/or (iii) forfeit your future commission fees in respect of such fraud or violation (as appropriate).

Money Laundering: You shall comply with all applicable laws and any policy notified by us through our Site or otherwise in relation to money laundering and/or the proceeds of crime.

Taxation: All taxes due in connection with any payments to you are your sole liability. You are solely responsible for paying all federal and other taxes in accordance with the laws that apply in your local, state, province, and/or country of residence. It is the policy of this program, and in compliance with United States Internal Revenue Service regulations, that we may send an IRS Form 1099-MISC or other appropriate form to any affiliate who earns commission greater than $600 (USD) in any given calendar year. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you reside, the program may also send you W-9 and/or additional tax forms, which are required in order to receive commission payments. We reserve the right to withhold (from your existing account balance) any amount required to be withheld by law or until requested information and forms are received


We grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the provided Marketing Materials, and to use our API, trade name, trademarks, service marks, logos and any other designations (collectively, the “Licensed Materials”), which we may from time to time approve solely for the duration of this Agreement and for the sole purpose of allowing you to fulfill your obligations in accordance with this Agreement. You must obtain approval for the use of the Licensed Materials in each instance and such approval shall be in Bet on Combat’ sole discretion. This license cannot be sub-licensed, sold, assigned or otherwise transferred by you. Your right to use the marks, Marketing Materials and any other intellectual property is limited to and arises only out of this license. You may not modify the graphic image or text, or any other of our images, in any way. We reserve all of our rights in the graphic image and text, any other images, our trade names and trademarks, and all other intellectual property rights. You agree to follow our trademark guidelines, as those guidelines may change from time to time. We may revoke your license at any time by giving you written notice.

Nothing herein shall be considered or understood to be a transfer by Bet on Combat to the Affiliate of any rights whatsoever in the Trade Marks or Trade Secrets or any other intellectual property rights whatsoever and, in particular, the Affiliate agrees not to:

Submit a trademark application in any jurisdiction; or

Register a domain name; or

Use any sub-domains; or

Bid on any internet search engine for a search term which includes, incorporates or consists of the trademarks or any domain name that is confusingly similar to the Trade Marks of Bet on Combat.

Affiliate hereby acknowledges that all information relating to players is the exclusive and sole property of Bet on Combat and that the Affiliate has and shall have no rights therein whatsoever.


The term of this Agreement shall commence on the date Bet on Combat accepts your application to be included in the Affiliate program and will end when terminated by either party as set forth in this Agreement (the "Term"). Either party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause as follows: (i) you may terminate this Agreement at any time upon written notice to us; or (ii) we may terminate this Agreement at any time on seven (7) days' prior written notice. 

Upon any termination or expiration of this Agreement: (a) Affiliate shall immediately cease use of the services and remove all links from the Affiliate Website to the Bet on Combat website; and (b) each party shall remove from its respective website any branding or other proprietary materials received from the other party under the terms of this agreement. 

Additionally, we may terminate this Agreement effective immediately if Affiliate violates the terms of this Agreement. Affiliate will only be entitled to Affiliate commissions during the valid Term of this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that Bet on Combat shall not be liable to pay any commissions on Net Revenue generated by Players with your Affiliate Links following the termination of this Agreement. Following the termination of this Agreement and the payment to the Affiliate of monies due to it as at the time of termination, Bet on Combat shall have no obligation to make any further Commission payments to the Affiliate. Termination of this Agreement shall not extinguish either of the parties' obligations under this Agreement which by their terms or context are intended to survive the termination of the Agreement.


The Affiliate shall defend, indemnify and hold Bet on Combat and its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives, agents, successors and assigns harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages and costs, including attorney's fees and costs, resulting from, arising out of, or in any way connected with

any actual or alleged breach by the Affiliate of any warranty, representation or undertaking by the Affiliate contained in this Agreement;

the performance of the Affiliate's duties and obligations under this Agreement;

the Affiliate's negligence in performing its duties and obligations under this Agreement; and/or

any injury directly or indirectly caused by the Affiliate's negligence or intentional acts or omissions or the unauthorized use of the Link(s).


Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement or with the consent of the other party hereto, each of the parties hereto agrees that all information including, without limitation, the terms of this Agreement, business and financial information, customer and vendor lists and pricing and sales information, shall remain strictly confidential and secret and shall not be utilized, directly or indirectly, by the other party for its own business purposes or for any other purpose except and solely to the extent that any such information is generally known or available to the public through a source or sources other than such party hereto. No party shall disclose, or use for its own benefit or the benefit of any such party's affiliate, any trade secret or confidential, proprietary or other non-public information obtained from the other party during the course of this Agreement. The parties shall protect the confidential information of the other party as if it were its own, but in no instance less than a reasonable standard of care. This Agreement incorporates standard exceptions to the definition of confidential information. This provision shall survive for three (3) years after the termination of this Agreement.






Modification: Bet on Combat reserves the right to update or modify this Agreement or any part thereof at any time without notice and you will be bound by such amended Agreement within fourteen (14) days after it is posted at the Program Site. Therefore, we encourage you to visit the Program Site regularly and check the terms and conditions contained in the version of the Agreement in force at such time. Your continued participation in the Program shall be deemed to attest to your agreement to any amendments to the Agreement.

Independent Investigation. You confirm that you have read the Agreement, have had an opportunity to consult with your own legal advisors if so desired, and agree to all its terms and conditions. You confirm that you have independently evaluated the desirability of participating in the Program and you are not relying on any representations, guarantee or statement other than as set forth in this Agreement or any other marketing materials.

Relationship of Parties. There is no relationship of exclusivity, partnership, joint venture, employment, agency or franchise between you or us under this Agreement. Neither party has the authority to bind the other (including the making of any representation or warranty, the assumption of any obligation or liability and/or the exercise of any right or power), except as expressly provided in this Agreement.

Non-Exclusive. You understand that we may at any time (directly or indirectly), enter into marketing terms with other Affiliates on the same or different terms as those provided to you in this Agreement and that such Affiliates may be similar, and even competitive, to you. You understand that we may re-direct traffic and users from our site to any other online site that we deem appropriate in our sole discretion, without any additional compensation to you.

Assignment. Affiliate may not under any circumstances sublicense, assign (by operation of law or otherwise) or otherwise transfer this Agreement or any license or any right, duty or obligation under this Agreement without Bet on Combat’ prior written consent, and any attempt to do so shall be null and void. Subject to the foregoing limitations, this Agreement will mutually benefit and be binding upon the parties, their successors and assigns.

Waiver; Severability. A failure or delay by either party to enforce any right under this Agreement shall not at any time constitute a waiver of such right or any other right, and shall not modify the rights or obligations of either party under this Agreement. Any waiver by either party of any right under this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such right in the future. If any provision or portion of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable or invalid, the remaining provisions and portions shall nevertheless be given full force and effect, and the parties agree to negotiate, in good faith, a substitute valid provision which most nearly affects the parties' intent in entering this Agreement.

Force Majeure. Excluding the payment of money, neither party will be deemed in default of any obligation hereunder nor be liable for any failure or delay in performance which results directly or indirectly from any cause beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, "Acts of God," delays or failures in the Internet or related carriers and third-party equipment, acts of civil or military authority, strikes, fire, theft, delays by suppliers, or action or inaction by the other party or any third party.

Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, without regard to principles of conflicts of laws. Application of the U.N. Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded.

Entire Agreement. These Terms and Conditions, in connection with other obligations and rules detailed in writing, constitute the entire agreement between Affiliate and Bet on Combat and cannot be modified by Affiliate, supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.

Formal Agrement

Since the Online Affiliate Program is on the Commission Junction platform, you receive the total trust that comes from working with a true industry leader. We abide 100% by all the terms and conditions of the Commission Junction affiliate agreement.


Last Updated: January 15, 2016

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