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Bet on Combat® today unveiled an all-new Chat room feature connecting users and members online and on any mobile device more together than ever before. The new Chat Room feature, which is a new social network for bettors of all persuasions allows users to engage in the way they consume our content and experience the adrenalized world of combat sports live betting.

"I wanted to create a place for all industry handicappers, bettors and combat sports media experts to offer opinions, analysis, and insight into upcoming match-up," said Franco Richard, Founder of Bet on Combat gaming brand. "It is my sincerest hope that this chat room will be used to start a dialogue. To share experiences and expertise with others. Even if you don’t happen to agree with a particular opinion, share your view with the rest of the members. At, everyone has a voice. And I want to hear it." 

This is the place to share your bets, talk about predictions and wagers, and other community related discussions. is that place. promotes intelligent and respectful discussions, and registering for an account is a privilege, not a right. For the sake of those who follow the rules, offenders will be banned from the site with little or no warning. reserves the right to moderate all posts. Please observe the chat room guidelines at all times so as to keep these mature, friendly combat sports forums. is also a valuable resource to check when and what time a given fight starts, especially if fight has been delayed or moved up unexpectedly.

By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload your own photos and access many other special features.

There's some good discussion going on and perhaps some momentum gathering, it's worth a go. The betting community is the market, and we do have a lot of power

Talking of social networks, you can now follow us on twitter @BetonCombat. By following who you want to, you effectively build your own feed of information from people you personally find interesting.  There more 'interesting' people you follow, the more useful stuff comes out of it - I've learnt about stuff I'd never have known about had I not joined.

There's the usual mix of attention seekers (celebrities included) and those that use Twitter the way it was designed to be used.  These are easily spotted, though if I'm honest, I quite enjoy following some of the obvious show offs. If there's a problem I encounter with twitter from a betting perspective, it's that it's quite difficult to find genuine bettors who aren't selling a system, or marketing something else. I find I'm following fewer bettors, and more sports people.  Maybe we can change that a bit.  Join up, add me on and say hello.  Feel free to pilfer the list of people I follow.

We will continue adding features as we sincerely believe that our services overall will help make bettors and investors more profitable through learning, analysis and skill building.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about; the more bettors and investors, the more knowledgeable and profitable our community becomes.

To enjoy the great features at, you need to register or sign in (if you are already a member). Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please:

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